Episode 304: Thicket of Antlers, Execration, The Bearer, Cytotoxin, Knuckle Bones 2017 Album Reviews + Ne Obliviscaris Preview + Behemoth, Lamb of God, Slayer Live Review


Five releases, a First Impression, AND a Live Review?  What were we thinking?  Well, to be honest, we were thinking that the three of these are only EPs so we can handle it.  Can you?


Thicket of Antlers Black Dogs EP
Execration Return to the Void (Metal Blade)
The Bearer Fiction (Blasphemour Records)
Cytotoxin – Gammageddon (Unique Leader)
Knuckle Bones – Inception

First Impression:
Ne Obliviscaris – “Intra Venus” from Urn out October 27, 2017 through Season of Mist

Live Review:
BehemothLamb of God, and Slayer at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY on July 27, 2017

Thicket Of Antlers – Black Dogs

Execration – Return To The Void

The Bearer – Fiction

Cytotoxin – Gammageddon

Knuckle Bones – Inception


  1. I’m loving Gammageddon by Cytotoxin. This is my kind of tech death. I certainly disagree with Nick on the vocals. These types of grunty vocals are certainly hit or miss, and I am going to compare Cytotoxin’s vocals to that of Unhuman and Wormed. I could argue that the vocals on Unhuman are even more over the top than Cytotoxin, but for some reason, I think Nick didn’t mind the vocals on Unhuman. But I for one can’t stand the vocals on the latest Wormed album. Those were terrible even though I recognize that they weren’t all that different from Cytotoxin, though I’d say there’s more range and contrast on Cytotoxin. I may have mentioned this often in the past, but when I listen to music like this I’m not focusing on the vocals. For me, the vocals blend in at about the same level as the drums and simply become another instrument, which means it is the guitars that stand out. This applies to metal in general, hence why I enjoy a band like Inquisition. Nick said he would enjoy Gammageddon more if it were instrumental, but since I can’t understand or comprehend the vocals anyway, Gammageddon actually is like an instrumental album to me.

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