Episode 309: Arch Enemy, Leng Tch’e, Corrupt Moral Altar 2017 Album Reviews + Archspire Preview

Fandom Broken and Reborn

Some artists live long enough to see themselves become the villain. Some almost head to the dark side but come back to light. (Am I being nerdy enough for you?) And some seem unsure where they are going. Aaaaand that just about abstractly covers our discussions this week.


Arch EnemyWill to Power (Century Media)
Leng Tch’eRazorgrind (Season of Mist)
Corrupt Moral AltarEunoia

First Impression:
Archspire – “Involuntary Doppelgänger” from Relentless Mutation out on September 22, 2017 through Season of Mist

Arch Enemy – Will To Power

Leng Tch’e – Razorgrind

Corrupt Moral Altar – Eunoia


  1. I like the phrase Nick used to describe the new Arch Enemy album: contractual obligation. That’s the actual name of a Monty Python album. As for the album Will To Power, I did hear that Jeff Loomis didn’t contribute much (if anything) to the creative process of this album, so my disappointment has already been established before even hearing a note on the album. Even though I would call myself an Arch Enemy fan, I’m generally a fan of their “greatest hits” and really just want to hear those hits when I see them live. I did enjoy War Eternal quite a bit, but I wonder how much they’ll be playing live from Will To Power. As for the other band this week with the word “arch” in their name, that Archspire song you played sounds awesome.

    Did you (Brian) just make a reference to the Milford Mall? That’s my old stomping grounds! In it’s first incarnation, it was officially called “The Connecticut Post mall” but everyone not from Milford called it the Milford Mall. Everyone who was from Milford simply called it “the Post mall” or just “the Post”. I used to work at the Electronics Boutique at the Post mall. That store went out of business a long (long) time ago.

    1. So, Post Mall-core: CT Hot Topic bands?

      I (Brian) forgot CT Post Mall was be official name. Ha ha We used to go there a lot in college because it was so close. When I was there, it had an epic FYE. Like, a floor of a department store, so I spent a lot of time at those listening stations.

      I am kinda curious to see AE again because their shows have always been great, but now they probably won’t touch pre-Angela albums and they have all the new stuff to play…which is less appealing.

      1. I haven’t seen Arch Enemy a ton, but I feel like they rarely played pre-Angela stuff even when Angela was in the band – at least in her later years.

        “Post Mall-core”. Good one.

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