Episode 311: Sentient Horror, Horrible Earth, Gyre, Nihil Album Reviews

States of the Art

We teased doing this a few episodes ago, and guess what? We actually did it!  Did what you ask?Your hosts dug through Bandcamp (a process which we discuss) to find some rad bands from their respective states, and we pit them against each other in a battle to the death!  Errr, I mean, we made each other listen to them and we reviewed them…ya know, like we do.


New Jersey:
Sentient HorrorUngodly Forms (Redefining Darkness/Testimony)
Gyre – Moirai

Horrible Earth – Typical Human Behavior
Nihil – Foundation 

Sentient Horror – Ungodly Forms

Gyre – Moirai

Nihil – Foundation

Horrible Earth – Typical Human Behavior


  1. Nice 311 pull!! I caught that.

    Yeah, I mean, Google would be logical. I have gone in that way when looking for something more specific. I lucked out having a Boston filter, but if we actually do our StatexState quest, we may have to go that route unless Bandcamp steps up their game.

    1. How long had you been planning on what the intro music would be to episode 311? In that vain, I already know what the intro music is going to be 201 episodes from now.

      1. Hahaha! Yeah, I’m nothing if not predictable. I told Brian right before we started recording that into would be different, but not to bother acknowledging it. Just imagine all the options for Episode 666!!!

  2. When the podcast began, I thought I played the wrong track for a second. But then I had to trust my instinct and let go of regret.

    If you can’t find local metal bands on Bandcamp using the Bandcamp filters, why didn’t you just try Google. I find in general that Google is often better for searching within sites rather than using the site’s own search. I find this to be true with Metal Archives. Typing “New Jersey metal site:bandcamp.com” into Google returns both Sentient Horror and Gyre (albeit Gyre didn’t pull up until the 5th page of results).

    You left out My Chemical Romance as a band from New Jersey. And Bon Jovi.

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