Episode 316: August Burns Red, The Ongoing Concept, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Threat Signal 2017 Album Reviews

It’s Coming Back Around Again

We have a little back of a throwback going on this week.  After staring in the mid-2000’s and dropping three albums, two of these bands have been absent for 6-7 years.  Another artist here got their start around the same time, but they never left, riding the waves of the changing scene and industry. Then we have The Ongoing Concept.


August Burns Red – Phantom Anthem (Fearless)
The Ongoing Concept – Places (Solid State)
Through the Eyes of the Dead – Disomus (eOne)
Threat Signal – Disconnect (Agonia)

August Burns Red – Phantom Anthem

The Ongoing Concept – Places

Through The Eyes Of The Dead – Disomus

Vices To Veils – Exist Expire


  1. I got nothing this week. But I am looking forward to the albums being reviewed next week. I’ve been listening to E by Enslaved and even though I enjoy it, I keep waiting for it to reveal itself to be the album of the year contender that many reviewers are indicating it is. Speaking of albums that are getting rave reviews, the new Trivium album seems to be getting universal praise. Even Heavy Blog liked it and Metal Sucks gave it 4.5 stars. I was prepared to skip The Sin and the Sentence until I read all the glowing praise.

    1. Brian: Yeah, I saw the same reviews for Trivium but I haven’t given it a listen yet. Even if it is good for them, it has to be vet convincing because they are not a band I really revisit anymore.

    2. I actually gave Trivium a spin yesterday and texted Brian my quick thoughts on it because we probably won’t get around to a full review of it. For them, it’s a great record. About 50% is still very “single targeted” in a world in which Trivium will never be on any radio, but it is very well written radio metal. The other half is great leads, heavy chunky rhythm guitars, and borderline blast beats at times – all in all much heavier than anything they’ve delivered in a while.


      1. I had no intention of listening to the new Trivium album until I saw all the favorable reviews. I haven’t listened to it enough to judge it yet, but it is something I am going to give a shot. I didn’t even listen to their previous album, so I can certainly understand if you skip their new one.

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