Episode 321: Antigama, Impureza, The Offering, The Erkonauts, Wvrm 2017 Album Reviews + Children of Bodom Live Review

Season’s Beatings

Thanksgiving has past, so that means it is officially Christmas season.  (Unless you ask Nick, who wouldn’t give that day a “season” if he had the choice.) To get you in the mood for anxiously trying to find the right gift and possibly injuring another human to get a bargain TV, we reviewed some savage releases. Once you have that TV in your bloody hands, we have The Erkonauts for celebrating.


Antigama – Depressant (Selfmadegod)
Impureza La Cadia De Tonatiuh (Season of Mist)
The Offering – The Offering (Century Media)
The Erkonauts – I Shall Forgive (Indie Recordings)
Wvrm – Can You Hear the Wind Howl*

Live Review:
Children of Bodom “20 Years Down & Dirty” Tour on November 24, 2017 at Playstation Theater in New York, NY

*Yes this was produced by Kurt Ballou

The Erkonauts – I Shall Forgive

Impureza – La Cadia De Tonatiuh

The Offering – The Offering

WVRM – Can You Hear the WInd Howl

Antigama – Depressant


  1. I’ve read Decibel’s year end list. I’m not going to shit on it this year. I’ve come to realize that Decibel lives in their own world. In general, we all live to some extent in our bubbles or worlds. Instead I’ll point out something from the Decibel list that I’m interested in checking out. That would be Spirit Adrift. I’ll be checking that one out. After all, I checked out Khemmis last year primarily because they were Decibel’s top album and I ended up loving that album. So I’ll be giving Spirit Adrift a try.

    1. Yeah, that actually kinda about where we’re at as well. There are some I definitely want to try and I think we might have more overlap with bands that we at least listened too (liked is a different story) this year than any other year since we started the show. -n

    2. To echo Nick a bit, I think there will be less “shitting on” and more observations and discussion of their bubble that we just can’t ignore. And I am sure we’ll check out a few bands, including Spirit Adrift since it is ranked so highly. – B

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