Episode 325: End of 2017 Auxiliary Lists

It’s Christmas!  Let’s Argue!

Well, your hosts don’t argue much here, but we welcome you to argue with us!  This week we share a few lists that are not our albums fo the year, including lists like Best Artwork (which you can see below), Most Disappointing, and Worst Albums.  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

We hope you have wonderful holiday with your friends and family!



  1. Hey guys, thanks for the kind word for the album of the Bearer, i’m the designer who did it. Always fun to ear what people think of my work.

    to see more stuff from me, IG: goulexdesign

  2. Believe it or not, my most improved of 2017 is Trivium with The Sin and the Sentence. Their previous album, 2015’s Silence in the Snow, was so bland and forgettable that I seriously had to just now look up the name of that album. But The Sin and the Sentence is surprisingly enjoyable. Even the one review of The Sin and the Sentence on the Metal Archives is a 92%.

    My most disappointing album has to be Two Paths by Ensiferum. I really enjoyed their 2015 album One Man Army and was looking forward to a new release from them this year. But Two Paths is just not good and doesn’t even have a single good song on it. Oh, and I honestly did forget about Arch Enemy until you guys mentioned it.

    1. Trivium is a very solid pick. I sort overlooked that one because we didn’t review it on the show. I have listened to it quite a few times in my free time and 100% agree with your assessment.

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