Episode 327: Powertrip, Trivium, Integrity 2017 Album Reviews + Delaware Bandcamp Pick: Blackhand

New Year, Same Show

Per usual, we are kicking off the new year by reviewing some albums we missed last year. However we are also kicking off a new feature we will be doing all year, which we just decided to name “Bands Across America.” Every week (until the year-end episodes), we are going to feature a band from each of the 50 states.  This week has a band from the first state to enter the union – Delaware.


Powertrip – Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord)
Trivium The Sin and the Sentence (Roadrunner)
Integrity Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume (Relapse)

Bands Across America
Delaware: Blackhand

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic

Trivium – The Sin and the Sentence

Integrity – Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume





  1. I don’t know what you are missing about Power Trip either. I completely agree with you about them. My only thought is that as you pointed out about Decibel, they and other people seem to really be into old school stuff right now including old school death metal and thrash. Power Trip scratches that itch at the right time for people looking for some throwback thrash. Bit I don’t really have an itch for thrash right now, so a middle of the road thrash album isn’t what I’m looking to listen to in 2017 or 2018.

    Ooh, I didn’t think you’d review Trivium! The Sin and the Sentence won my most improved award this year and would have made a top 20 for me if I listed 20 albums on my year end list. Something I recently learned about Trivium is that a few years ago, Matt Heafy’s voice gave out. He couldn’t scream anymore, which is why there’s only clean vocals on their previous album Silence in the Snow. He took some time off to heal his voice and has now returned to some limited screaming again.

    New segment name suggestions:

    -State Camp
    -Bands Across America
    -Give Me Liberty or Give Me Bandcamp
    -I only regret that I have but one band to pick for my state.
    -We hold metal to be self-evident, that all bands are created equal, that they are endowed by the metal gods with certain unalienable rights, that among these are guitars, loudness and the pursuit of heaviness.
    -A well-regulated metal band, being necessary to the security of a free music, and the right of the bands to keep and bear guitars, shall not be infringed.
    -Four score and seven years ago, our brothers brought forth on this internet, a new podcast, conceived in metal, and dedicated to the proposition that all bands are created equal.

    I should stop.

    1. Brian: most of those are too long for names, but if I can convince Nick to do some production work, we may steal something from this. Thanks for doing our work! Ha ha

      I did not know that about Heafy. It doesn’t explain why they went light on the last album, but that is interesting nonetheless.

      1. I’m guessing you guys might not be old enough to remember “Hands Across America”, though you may have heard of it. I think they spoofed it on the Simpsons. When the original event occurred all I remember about it is how I thought it sounded lame.

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