Episode 331: Machine Head and Bind Torture Kill 2018 Album Reviews + Connecticut Bandcamp Pick: Lyra

You Did it Wrong

So why only two albums reviews? Well, as many of you may expect, we have a lot to say about the new Machine Head album, so we wanted to give enough time to that without running the show too long.  Make sure you stick around for the whole show though..there’s good music there. Oh, and we also discuss the production value of August Burns Red‘s remix/remaster of Messengers. 


Machine Head Catharsis (Nuclear Blast)
Bind Torture Kill Viscères (Wooaaargh)

Bands Across America
Connecticut: Lyra

Machine Head – Catharsis

Bind Torture Kill – Visceres




  1. I’ve had tons of random thoughts about Catharsis by Machine Head but too many to write down in any cohesive way. You guys pretty much covered most of them and hit the nail on the head with your reviews. The only additional thing I feel I need to add is that I had to know what Machine Head is playing live from this album. They are playing the songs “Volatile”, “Catharsis”, “Behind a Mask”, “Beyond the Pale”, and “Bastards”. Only one of those songs is actually a bad song, although “Behind a Mask” doesn’t seem like it fits in a live set other than to provide a break in a 2.5 hour set with a ballad.

    We’ve already discussed the Monte Connor response (or lack thereof) for which we disagree, but I’ll add to one of your comments that in no way is Machine Head a democratic band anymore. It’s Robb Flynn’s band these days. Didn’t Adam Duce say as much on his way out?

    -Lyra are from Stamford Connecticut? I worked in Stamford for 5 years. I was not aware of any metal scene in Stamford when I was there. New Haven Connecticut had a metal scene, Stamford did not.

    -Don’t sleep on the new Tribulation album.

    1. Brian: My sister looked up the setlist too since we are going Friday night. I would swap out Bastards for Hope Begets Hope and Behind the Mask for something, but as long as the rest of the set is filled with real Machine Head, I’ll survive.

      Adam Duce probably did say that, but I just would love to know how the rest of the band actually feels about this. I’m holding out hope that this was just something Robb needed to get off his chest and they’ll return to normal next time.

      You’d be surprised how much good meta and other heavy styles we found from around CT. It surprised us!

      So even though we didn’t care about the last Tribulation you think we’d dig this one?

      1. Regarding Tribulation’s new album Down Below, it could go either way as to whether you guys will like it or not. I do remember that you didn’t really like Tribulation’s previous album, Children of the Night. Down Below is quite similar to Children of the Night. But the thing is, it’s also not all that dissimilar to Wormwitch which you guys loved. Wormwitch is certainly more crusty and Tribulation is more gothic, but I’d still rank them as similar artists.

      2. Brian: Well I’m intrigued. I think we have a few opens spots to fill in the coming weeks, so if my cohost is game, we’ll probably do it. And if we don’t enjoy it, we’ll just blame you. Ha ha ha

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