Episode 335: Alterbeast, Necrophobic, Letters from the Colony 2018 Album Reviews + New Hampshire Bandcamp Pick: Womb Eater

Broadcast the Nightmare

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but does it make for a great album?  Your hosts share their thoughts during reviews this week, so share yours in the comments!


Alterbeast Feast (Unique Leader)
Necrophobic Mark of the Necrogram (Century Media)
Letters from the Colony – Vignette (Nuclear Blast)


New Hampshire
Womb Eater



Alterbeast – Feast

Necrophobic – Mark of the Necrogram

Letters From The Colony – Vignette


Womb Eater


  1. I’m really enjoying Feast by Alterbeast. I can see that it could be considered “same-y” and that it doesn’t break new ground. But Alterbeast sits in my wheelhouse and is the type of stuff I really enjoy. I can see where this might not stand out, so we’ll see how I feel about this when the end of the year rolls around, but for now I am certainly enjoying Feast.

    For Bands Across America, I have a feeling once you start looking for bands from New York that you will find tons of options, but since you asked I will take this opportunity to plug my boys in the band Godmaker. Their self-titled debut is available on Bandcamp and they are recording new music and are playing local shows regularly. They fit the type of band you’ve been featuring on Bands Across America. Their style of sludge is not the subgenre I am most versed in, but I do really enjoy their music and it does hold up after being out for a few years.

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