Episode 336: Wake, Night In Gales, Deathwhite 2018 Album Reviews + Virginia Bandcamp Pick: Sundrainer

Powerless Rise

When a nor’easter drops a foot of wet, heavy snow, takes down trees and power lines, and leaves most of your county without power, what do you do?  Drive to your girlfriend’s place so you can record your podcast.  The show must go on!


Wake Misery Rites (Translation Loss)
Night In Gales The Last Sunsets (Apostasy Records)
Deathwhite – For a Black Tomorrow (Season of Mist)





Wake – Misery Rites

Night In Gales – The Last Sunsets

Deathwhite – For A Black Tomorrow




  1. I realize this comment may elicit a response of “I don’t care”, but the new Judas Priest album is being universally lauded as their best since Painkiller. I’ve listened to it a few times already and am enjoying it. I haven’t listened to it as much as I otherwise could have if it wasn’t released on the same day as the new Between The Buried And Me album.

    Anathema. Say it with me now: uh-NATH-uh-muh.

    1. I don’t care. Lol. But mostly because, aside from their hits, I never really got into Judas Priest. I got into Maiden a bit more. Anyway, would YOU say it is their best since Painkiller? Or is it getting overly praised because they’re old, it’s still good, and it could be end up being their swan-song?

      I just made my phone speak Anathema. My emphasis was wrong and it should have been a short e. Oops. I honestly don’t know if I ever said that word aloud before recording the show. I find that with a lot of band names though…I read it a lot and think I know how to say it, but when I have to speak it, butcher it. Lol – Brian

      1. What do I think about Firepower by Judas Priest? Well, for me to say it’s their best album since Painkiller (released in 1990) would just mean that it’s better than 2014’s Redeemer of Souls. So my initial impression is that yes it is their best album since Painkiller. Having said that, I get it that it’s not your thing. Firepower doesn’t break new ground, nor does it come close to matching Priest’s best output from 1976 to 1984. But Firepower makes for solid classic radio metal if such a thing existed anymore. If you liked their last album Redeemer of Souls, then I think the 2 albums are similar enough that you’ll like Firepower. But if you skipped Firepower, you won’t be hearing me say that you must listen to this album. Now the new Between The Buried And Me album is a different story…

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