Episode 340: Greyhaven, Monotheist, Sentient Horror 2018 Album Reviews + Vermont Bandcamp Pick: Ghastly Sound

Fulfilling Promises of Death

As we promised last week, we have some more – and different – Death Metal for you in this show. It’s not all DM though, as we also bring another promised review. See?  We are good, honorable men who stay true to our word…or something like that.


Greyhaven Empty Black (Equal Vision)
Monotheist Scourge (Prosthetic)
Sentient HorrorThe Crypts Below (Redefining Darkness)


Ghastly Sound




Greyhaven – Empty Black

Monotheist – Scourge

Sentient Horror – The Crypts Below


Ghastly Sound


  1. Monotheist became the first band in 340 episodes to have to prove their “mettle”.

    I’ve been listening to Augury. It will be interesting to know what you guys think about it.

    Your mention that one part of Monotheist sounds “Opethian” has me wondering: what is the band that you’ve mentioned the most throughout the 340 episodes of this podcast? I’m not referring to the band you’ve reviewed the most, but just the band name that has come up in conversations on air whose name has been mentioned the most. Recent episodes have heard the name Norma Jean come up and it was also talked about a lot when there were three cohosts, as Norma Jean are favorites of yours. I also seem to recall when you had 3 hosts that there was a stretch when the band Korpiklaani came up weekly, but they seem to have faded from the conversations in recent years. There are certainly plenty of references to the classic Swedish melodeath bands like In Flames and Dark Tranquility. But the band I would say you’ve mentioned the most over the past six and a half years is one that you reviewed in your very first episode: that would be Opeth. I think it speaks volumes to the influence and impact that Opeth have had for you to mention a band that you’ve never even given a positive review to on the podcast. While the albums Blackwater Park and Damnation are well liked by many people, those were released at least 15 years ago and it seems like you haven’t enjoyed anything by Opeth since then. But Opeth still remains first and foremost in your minds when discussing any type of abrupt change in tempo or dynamics in music. Smashing Pumpkins did that kind of stuff years before Opeth and Beethoven did it 200 years earlier, yet no current bands get labelled “Beethovenian” or “Pumkinian”. Yet Opeth retains the title of “Opethian” the way baseball players get referred to as “Ruthian” years after Babe Ruth has faded into legend. Therefore, I can only conclude that Opeth are the Babe Ruth of metal.

    1. This is amazing. I know so little about Babe Ruth or baseball that the pun I REALLY want to make here just simply isn’t coming to me, but suffice it to say – point taken.

      As I’m sure I’ve said 100x, the only Opeth album that I truly enjoy is Damnation. Every other time I reference them (which is apparently a lot) is to point out how I don’t like their song writing transitions. So, while it is debatable that they may or may not be the most name dropped band in 340 episodes, I would say they are probably the most name dropped in a negative light.

      ….them or Bereft. God, that album still makes me angry.


      1. Oh yeah, Bereft are up there in terms of being mentioned. And it is notable that many of these bands are mentioned because of the negative qualities, because every time Slayer is mentioned it usually isn’t the good Slayer that’s being referred to.

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