Episode 342: Inferi, Wolf King, The Bearer 2018 Album Reviews + Tennessee Bandcamp Pick: Chamber

Keeping the Streak Alive

Yup, we have some more Death Metal!  And because it makes writing these things easier, I cam going to point this out until we have a week without a Death Metal act. That said, the majority of this episode actually is occupied by “core” bands, so maybe the end is nigh…


Inferi Revenant (The Artisan Era)
Wolf King Loyal to the Soil (Prosthetic)
The Bearer – Adapt | Adjust






Inferi – Revenant

Wolf King – Loyal To The Soil

The Bearer – Adapt | Adjust




  1. Black Dahlia Murder is certainly a good analogy with Inferi, but you either didn’t know or just failed to mention that Trevor Strnad provides guest vocals on the song Behold the Bearer of Light on Revenant by Inferi.

    Inferi’s previous album, The Path of Apotheosis, was my number 18 album of 2014. 2018 has started out super strong for releases, so even if I think Revenant is a better album than The Path of Apotheosis, it might not be ranked higher at the end of the year.

    I feel like there are tons of albums that were released this week that I’m on the fence about. Sleep dropped a surprise new album. I streamed some of it and it sounds pretty cool so far. A Perfect Circle released a new album to mixed reviews. I’m really intrigued by this collaboration between Ivar Bjørnson and Einar Selvik. And then there’s TesseracT. I really didn’t like their last album. It was so unmemorable that I can’t even remember the name of their last album. The only way I’ll be checking out the new TesseracT album is if you guys really like it.

    1. The last TesseracT album was Polaris and it was definitely forgettable. We’ll be reviewing Sonder next week.

      Honestly, I think I read Trevor did guest vocals but it never stood out to me. The album is solid, and I will make a point of going back in a few weeks, but I feel it needed that something extra to stand out and it didn’t have it. – Brian

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