Episode 345: Parkway Drive, Homewrecker, Ingested 2018 Album Reviews + Indiana Bandcamp Pick: Handsome Prick

In Search of Self

As we get older and experience more heavy music and the many different styles, we hone in on what we like (and loathe).  We sometimes find ourselves enjoying styles we didn’t previously while outgrowing others.  For better or worse, bands do something similar with their own sound, that rarely sits well…at least while they are figuring that out.


Parkway Drive – Reverence (Epitaph)
Homewrecker Hell is Here Now (Good Fight)
Ingested – The Level Above Human (Unique Leader)


Handsome Prick


One comment

  1. The Sciences by Sleep is just as good as all the reviewers are saying it is. You mentioned you read Heavy Blog Is Heavy for the Parkway Drive review, and they loved the new Sleep album. In fact, I can’t find a negative review of The Sciences.

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