Episode 348: Engel, Micawber, Rotten Sound, Unflesh 2018 Album Reviews + Alabama Bandcamp Pick: Katabasis

Sweet Home

Yeah, this is later than usual, but we threw in an extra review to compensate. Well, we are going to pretend that was the plan all along because it sounds better.


EngelAbandon All Hope (Gain)
MicawberBeyond the Reach of the Flame (Prosthetic)
Rotten SoundSuffer to Abuse (Season of Mist)



Engel – Abandon All Hope

Micawber – Beyond the Reach of the Flame

Rotten Sound – Suffer to Abuse

Unflesh – Savior




  1. Unflesh was featured on Tech Death Tuesday, and I was intrigued to check them out, so it’s cool that you reviewed it.

      1. Tech Death Tuesday is a weekly column on Metal Injection. They don’t focus on the bigger label bands like Obscura or Rivers of Nihil, but instead they feature “bandcamp”-type bands in the tech death genre, such as Unflesh. I’ve found some great stuff in the past from reading Tech Death Tuesday on Metal Injection.

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