Episode 349: Bleeding Through, Kataklysm, Baptists 2018 Album Reviews + Maine Bandcamp Pick: Zud

Don’t Call It a Comeback

Well, actually, that is exactly what you should call it, for one of these anyway. One of these is actually still trying to work their way in for the first time. The other? Well, maybe they should be on their way out…


Bleeding ThroughLove Will Kill All (Sharptone)
KataklysmMeditations (Nuclear Blast)
BaptistsBeacon of Faith (Southern Lord)



Bleeding Through – Love Will Kill All

Kataklysm – Meditations

Baptists – Beacon of Faith




  1. I will start out by saying that I recognize that the new release from Ghost (called Prequelle) is not for you guys. There’s really nothing metal about Ghost anymore, so I can totally understand how you would have no interest in it. However, I like Ghost and feel compelled to offer my unsolicited opinion of Prequelle. It amazes me how instantly catchy this album is. I was singing the chorus from the lead single “Rats” after just one listen. Other songs sink in incredibly quickly. Will these songs make any type of lasting impact on me? Or will their flavor wear thin after a few minutes like bubblegum? We shall see. But for now, I am enjoying the initial burst of musical flavor I got from Prequelle.

    As for the topics of the week, I’m with Nick. As I Lay Dying are a bunch of chuckleheads and I never got into Bleeding Through.

    1. Metal or not, I cannot get into Ghost and I do not understand why they’re as big as they are. I can’t even blame the imagery because I wouldn’t have expected them to ride on that this long. But I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Ha ha

      Also, it does not surprise me in the slightest that you don’t care all for AILD or BT…or probably most the Metalcore bands from that time.

      – Brian

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