Episode 350: Exmortus, Burial in the Sky, Silenus 2018 Album Reviews + Missouri Bandcamp Pick: Snakehound

Tree Fiddy

As we hit another milestone number, we again do nothing about it. So instead of focusing on that, let’s focus on the wide variety of heavy music we have for you this week. You can also choose to focus on the fact that Nick and Brian actually have differing opinions about one of the albums! Imagine that…


ExmortusThe Sound of Steel (Prosthetic)
Burial in the SkyCreatio et Hominus
​SilenusLife Out of Balance




Exmortus – The Sound of Steel

Burial in the Sky – Creatio et Hominus

Silenus – Life Out Of Balance




  1. Do you know (or did I ever tell you) that there is a grindcore themed coffeehouse in Philadelphia? It’s called Grindcore House. The one time I went they were playing grindcore on the sound system but the volume was very low.

  2. To this day I can’t help but call Exmortus’s previous album Ride “Froth”. I was rather disappointed by Ride Froth and am on the fence about getting their new album.

    I’m of the opinion that if you have to listen to music through open back headphones in order to appreciate it, then someone has done something wrong on the production. The best production should still allow the listener to appreciate the music when listening on stock ipod headphones but then reveal depth when listening to it through quality audio.

    I’m giving the new YOB album a try. I guess I’ve had enough recent success with critically acclaimed doom and/or stoner metal (and stoner/doom), that I feel compelled to give Our Raw Heart by YOB a try. Though as soon as the new Khemmis album comes out later this week, I may forget all about YOB.

    1. Brian:
      That should be the name of a cappuccino at a metal-themed coffee house. I’ve dreamt of opening one of those…it’d be called Slave to the Grind.

      Anyway, I agree with you about production – it should just sound more nuanced on nicer equipment. With this Exmortus album, I actually preferred it on the closed-back headphones; the guitars were too far out otherwise. But that also means it was likely mixed to sound that way.

      I think we may have received the new YOB but I’ve never checked them out before so I kinda dismissed it. Khemmis, on the other hand, we’ll be reviewing soon.

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