Episode 354: Into Eternity, Violent Life Violent Death, Vein 2018 Album Reviews + Texas Bandcamp Pick: Lizard Professor

Don’t Call It a Comeback – Part 2: The Comeback

This time around, one of these bands is about to release an album 10 years after their last one (a bit more dramatic then the referenced earlier episode).  The same question applies: is it worth it? Well, listen to find out, and make sure you stick around for the new bands!


Into Eternity – Sirens
Violent Life Violent Death – Come, Heavy Breath
Vein – Errorzone (Closed Casket Activities)


Professor Lizard

Into Eternity – The Sirens

Violent Life Violent Death – Come, Heavy Breath

Vein – Errorzone


Lizard Professor


  1. Re: Lizard Professor: “it’s not like anything you’ve listened to before. And if I’m wrong, you go fucking tell me.” Challenge accepted. You clearly don’t listen to enough of a band who just released an album this past Friday who I am going to see live on Thursday named Between the Buried And Me. Lizard Prof. got a write up on Metal Injection a while ago in which the reviewer couldn’t stop comparing them to BTBAM: http://www.metalinjection.net/exclusive-2/lizard-professor-deliver-a-mindblowing-prog-metal-adventure-on-eccentricity

    When you said you were reviewing a band that hadn’t put out an album in a long time I thought for sure you were referring to Immortal.

      1. I’m not saying that you’ll like the new Between The Buried And Me album, I’m just saying that it’s similar to Lizard Professor. Now I realize that you might think that if:

        a) you like Lizard Professor; and

        b) BTBAM is similar to Lizard Professor; then

        c) you will like BTBAM.

        But I’ve come to realize that the transitive property of metal doesn’t always hold true.
        Case in point: I’m listening to Immortal right now. I like Immortal. There are probably 500 bands that sound similar to Immortal. Do you know how many of those other similar bands I like? One. Inquisition. Ok, two if you count Abbath. Why is that? I suppose that we all have subgenres that aren’t necessarily our favorites but still enjoy a few bands from. Hardcore also comes to mind for me. You could count the number of hanrdcore bands I like on one hand.

        It could be a cream of the crop thing, in that Immortal are one of the best Black Metal bands of all time and I might only be able to enjoy really really good black metal. In other cases there might be one or two specific things about a band or the music that turn us off. Maybe you don’t like the tone of voice of the vocalist. Maybe you like tech death but can’t tolerate too much dissonance (such as me with Gorguts). Whatever the case, even though we might enjoy one band, it’s not always true that we may enjoy a similar band.

        Having said all that, you should still check out the new BTBAM. It’s great.

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