Episode 356: Skeletonwitch, The Agony Scene, Depths of Hatred 2018 Album Reviews + Wisconsin Bandcamp Pick: Pangaea

Get Up On This Death Trip

Fun facts: Though Skeletonwitch and The Agony Scene may seem to be generations apart, Skeletonwitch actually released their first full-length a little over a year after The Agony Scene did! Aaaaaand Skeletonwitch released Beyond the Permafrost (2nd album) only three weeks before TAS released Get Damned (3rd album).


Skeletonwitch – Devouring Radiant Light (Prosthetic)
The Agony Scene – Tormenter (Outerloop)
Depths of Hatred Bloodguilt (Prosthetic)




Skeletonwitch – Devouring Radiant Light

The Agony Scene – Tormentor

Depths of Hatred – Bloodguilt




  1. On the Skeletonwitch song you played, I admit that it was treble-heavy, but I could hear the bass. Nick, I think your bass-centric world has gotten the better of your ears. As for blaming that on Kurt Ballou, is it his fault or is that the band’s decision? Does anyone blame Flemming Rasmussen for And Justice For All having no bass? Or do they blame James and Lars for diminishing the contribution of the “new guy” on bass? A band like Skeletonwitch has been around long enough to (probably) know what they want their sound to be and know how to achieve it. They most likely bring Kurt Ballou on board to help them achieve the sound they are looking for.

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