Episode 357: Frontierer, The Lion’s Daughter, Sandrider 2018 Album Reviews + California Bandcamp Pick: Madrost


We have a delightful spread of heavy treats for you this week.  I know we tend to have diverse offerings, but the array of offerings we have this week is kind of all over the place.  That said, if you have tastes as diverse as we do, there’s a lot for you to digest here.


Frontierer – Unloved
The Lion’s Daughter – Future Cult (Season of Mist)
Sandrider Armada (Good to Die)




Frontierer – Unloved

The Lion’s Daughter – Future Cult

Sandrider – Armada



One comment

  1. I need to hear your review of Soreption, as I’m on the fence on that one.

    Live review: Smashing Pumpkins at Madison Square Garden. My takeaway from the show is an observation that audiences at rock concerts (rock, not metal) are split evenly between those who want to “rock out” and those who want to “chill out”. At a seated venue such as Madison Square Garden, half the people are standing the entire show and the other half are chilling out by sitting down most of the show and only standing when something important is happening that they need to stand in order to see. I may be old, but I’m still in the 50% that wants to rock out.

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