Episode 358: Soreption, Crossfaith, Within the Ruins 2018 Album Reviews + Minnesota Bandcamp Pick: The Motion Mosaic

Rain to the Sound of Panic

We don’t know what the weather has been like where you are, but where we are in NJ and MA (USA), we have had crazy heavy storms day after day.  They don’t last long, but they have been wreaking havoc in certain areas.  We mention THIS early on in the show, so see it for yourself.  Oh, and bonus kudos to anybody that gets the show title without googling it.


Soreption – Monument of the End (Sumerian)
Crossfaith – Ex_Machina (UNFD)
Within the Ruins World Undone EP (eOne)


The Motion Mosaic


Soreption – Monument of the End

Crossfaith – Ex_Machina

Within The Ruins – World Undone


The Motion Mosaic


  1. Regarding Soreption being on Sumerian, it seems like the concept of “Sumerian-core” has diminished over the last couple of years as their lineup of artists has improved recently. Most notably, Sumerian has signed one of my favorite bands: Between The Buried And Me.

    Also regarding Soreption, the production seems weird based on the one song you played. The drums and vocals are way too far forward in the mix at the expense of the guitars and bass. I might have to seek out some other samples of songs to find out if it’s just due to me streaming it on my phone or if the mix really is like that.

    And no bonus kudos for me. I had to google the episode title.

    1. I don’t think we talked about it but I believe we both enjoyed the production. I also enjoy my vocals forward as long as it still sounds connected to the rest of the mix. But, keep in mind, podcasts are compressed a good amount so the streaming quality of our samples is, unfortunately, not the best. – Brian

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