Episode 365: Revocation, Dead Letter Circus, The Nietzsche 2018 Album Reviews + North Dakota Bandcamp Pick: Grizzly Horse


No, we’re not done.  We’re just starting year seven!  However, one band we review this week, is coming to an end.  We also discuss another that is not technically calling it a day, but it will be the end of the band as we know them.


Revocation The Outer Ones (Metal Blade)
Dead Letter Circus Dead Letter Circus (Rise)
The NietzscheFinals. (Venona)


North Dakota
Grizzly Horse

Revocation – The Outer Ones

Dead Letter Circus – Dead Letter Circus

The Nietzsche – Finals


Grizzly Horse

One comment

  1. My biggest criticism of Machine Head’s last 2 albums is that I can hear the lack of contribution from Phil Demmel. The dual guitars are the highlights of The Blackening and Unto the Locust. Those two albums really show what can be achieved when Phil and Robb work together. But Bloodstone and Diamonds sounds like Phil threw in a few solos here and there and Catharsis sounds like Phil isn’t even in the band. So it really comes as no surprise to me that he is leaving the band.

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