Episode 368: Beyond Creation, Racetraitor, Mycelia 2018 Album Reviews + Washington Bandcamp Pick: Pound

On an Upswing

Brian didn’t give 3s across the board this week!  So, one of these bands did something right.  Well, two did, because our Bands Across America pick is pretty awesome…


Beyond Creation Algorythm (Season of Mist)
Racetraitor 2042 (Good Fight)
MyceliaApex (Eclipse)




Beyond Creation – Algorythm

Racetraitor – 2042

Mycelia – Apex



One comment

  1. The Algorythm is my favorite album by Beyond Creation. I really think it strikes a great balance between the heavy, the technical, the progressive, and the atmosphere. I also definitely did notice the Gojira influence on it. The opening of the title track struck me as a very Gojira-esque riff.

    Along with Beyond Creation, there is still some more highly anticipated tech death this year, with Gorod and Psycroptic.

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