Episode 369: Soulfly, Castle, Shining 2018 Album Reviews + Idaho Bandcamp Pick: Krystos

Musical Reuben 

We have reviewed all of these bands before on this show…a few times each, actually.  Despite that, two of the albums reviewed this week took us by surprise, for different reasons.  The third was good, but we also expected it to be good. So get listening to see how that all shakes out.


Soulfly Ritual (Nuclear Blast)
Castle Deal Thy Fate (Ripple)
ShiningAnimal (Spinefarm)



Soulfly – Ritual

Castle – Deal Thy Fate

Shining – Animal



One comment

  1. Interesting point about Castle, where you guys said that you aren’t really fans of doom metal and you aren’t really fans of this type of retro metal, but you like Castle. We all have genres of metal that we tend to gravitate to. Additionally, most of us seem to have a few outlier bands that we enjoy from genres that we don’t generally listen to, which Castle fits that mold for you. For me, I don’t listen to much black metal, but I do enjoy me some Inquisition and Immortal. My best theory as to why it is that we enjoy some bands from genres we don’t normally listen to is that we really don’t hate those other genres, but can only tolerate a small amount of it. Then we discover a band or two that stands out as being better than average and then stick with that band.

    Regarding Idaho: I have actually been “in” Idaho, even if I wouldn’t say I’ve really “been” to Idaho – and it wasn’t an airplane layover. When I went to Yellowstone National Park a few years ago (which is mostly in Wyoming), I drove from Jackson Wyoming through Idaho to enter the western part of Yellowstone. So I can attest to the fact that Idaho exists unless all the signs on the highway were a hoax (which still could be true for all I know).

    Looking forward for some interesting tech death reviews next week. I’m still enjoying the Beyond Creation album.

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