Episode 370: Gorod, Bloodbath, Cryptopsy 2018 Album Reviews + Wyoming Bandcamp Pick: Casket Huffer

And Death Followed

Seems fitting that the episode we recorded the week of Halloween was packed with some savage Death Metal.  We’ll pretend we meant to do that…


Gorod Aethra (Overpowered)
Bloodbath The Arrow of Satan is Drawn (Peaceville)
CryptopsyThe Book of Suffering – Tome II


Casket Huffer

Gorod – Aethra

Bloodbath – The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn

Cryptopsy – The Book Of Suffering: Tome II


Casket Huffer


  1. I’m loving the “glut” of tech death right now. A glut implies merely quantity, but the striking thing about the current glut of tech death is the quality. Gorod is a part of the quality tech death being released here at the end of 2018. I haven’t yet listened to the new Cryptopsy, but I fully expect that live up to expectations. And next week with Arsis, The Ocean and Psycroptic sounds like another killer week.

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