1. Speaking of “right around this time” of year, August Burns Red just put out a new Christmas EP called Winter Wilderness. They cover the Wham! Christmas song. I’m sure you’re all big fans of Wham!

    1. Brian: They actually released that as a single last year. I hate that faux “Christmas song” but I like their cover. Their interpretation is good and they also don’t have vocals, which helps a lot. They also had released the Home Alone and What Child is This? covers previously. That said, I’m happy they are all in one place with the EP, all of which I enjoy.

  2. Wow, a week of 1s and 2s. With Decibel’s list out already, you should have started “shit you missed” instead of reviewing this week’s shit you didn’t miss.

    Regarding Witherfall, you said that it lacked power. You’ve just invented a new sub-genre: Powerless Metal!

    1. Powerless Metal sounds like the absolute last thing that I want to listen to!

      Yeah, we still have a couple more weeks to get through before we can start recapping and exploring things we missed. Hopefully we get at least a couple more good ones before we close out the year. It was right around this time in 2015 that Black Crown Initiate dropped…..

      1. Uh, not sure if that last comment was from Brian or Nick. My guess is Nick. But whoever it is, your memory has failed you. You reviewed The Wreckage of Stars by Black Crown Initiate in an episode dated 10/05/2015. I wouldn’t exactly call October 5 “right around this time”. My recollection is that the best album that was reviewed this late in the year was Unhuman, which is an album I still go back and listen to regularly.

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