Episode 389: Destrage, Idle Hands, Employed to Serve 2019 Album Reviews + Journal Bandcamp Pick

(Dis)comfort Zone

It seems like oxymoronic to call any Metal music “comfortable”  but I think a lot of us find it comfortable and/or safe in number of ways.  When a band becomes comfortable or safe, though, that can be a good – like they found their “groove” – or bad – like they didn’t try hard enough.  All of this comes up with our reviews, to varying degrees, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on it!


Destrage The Chosen One (Metal Blade)
Idle Hands Mana (Eisenwald)
Employed to ServeEternal Forward Motion (Spinefarm)

Live Review:
Tech Trek IV featuring Archspire, Inferi, Virvum, and Wormhole at Once Ballroom in Boston, MA on May 25, 2019

J is for





Pound – ••

Of Modern Architecture – Matricide

Flub – Flub

ABC’s of 2019:

Kalte Sonne


  1. I’ve been enjoying listening to Mana by Idle Hands. I hadn’t even noticed how often the singer goes “UHHH”. But now I can’t NOT hear it after you’ve pointed it out. I should use that technique when I need to change topics when writing. Uhhh.

    I’ve also been listening to Spirit Adrift’s new album. It’s very good, even if it’s not album of the year material. It’s definitely worth listening to for the podcast.

    1. Sorry if we ruined that for you. Though, well played sir. Uhh.

      We did listen to it once, and it may end up on the show at some point. We. Just decided we wanted to bump up Employed to Serve. We don’t have 391 planned out yet, so maybe it’ll be there? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. You didn’t ruin Idle Hands for me. Just the opposite, in fact. Now that I know the “UHHHs” are coming, I look forward to them when I listen to the album. It makes Idle Hands a bit unique and stands out from the pack.

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