1. I forget if you play a 5 string bass, but 152 seems crazy for an E string. For me, nothing beats a good ol’ set of 9s on my guitar. Drop C# is as low as I go.

    1. Yeah, our tuning is pretty much Drop C#, but I have a drop A# below that, so thicker gauge strings balances the tension and keeps everything from playing floppy. I have problems with playing tight riffs on less-than-great tension.

  2. Hey, I agree with you about Harmonicraft by Torche. I as well still sing the lyrics from a couple of those songs even though that album was released in 2012. Their next album, Restarter, was terrible. So I’ve been hesitant to to buy their new album Admission. I kind of feel that same way about Baroness, meaning I’m hesitant to buy their new album because I didn’t like their last one.

    And how the hell can you down tune your lowest guitar string an entire OCTAVE lower? I guess the only way you could do it is if you used a bass string on your guitar. But then your guitar literally just becomes a bass, so it seems sort of pointless. I understand if you want to play an 8 string guitar down tuned so that you can have a wider range of sound available to you as a single player, but to simply tune down one string an octave makes little sense.

    1. Agreed. They’re are relatively secretive about their tuning because it is pretty unique, but I was looking to learn a few of their songs to get in the headspace for a new project I’m involved with and the tuning info is all over the place. They definitely place some intense string gauges. Check out Circle K strings if you ever find yourself in need of ridiculous shit. I play a set of 152’s for Vining Hill for our tuning!

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