Episode 393: Abbath, Wait, All Hell 2019 Album Reviews + Necroseptic Bandcamp Pick

We Don’t Care

The title here is slightly hyperbolic, but not by much.  This week’s review choices struggled a bit to keep our attention.  Some were better than others, and we certainly had bunch to talk about, so I guess it was all fine in the end.


Abbath Outstrider (Season of Mist)
Wait We Are In Transit (The Artisan Era)
All HellThe Witch’s Grail (Prosthetic)

N is for




Abbath – Outstrider

Wait – We Are In Transit EP

All Hell – The Witch’s Grail

ABC’s of 2019:



  1. -I gave a skip to the latest Baroness album as well. I didn’t really like their previous album either.

    -As for the Abbath album, I’m with you guys on it. I don’t have too much of a problem with the production, but I do have a problem with the song writing. Most of the songs on the album sound like he is just phoning it in at this point. And when you compare it to his former bandmates’ 2018 album Northern Chaos Gods, Abbath’s latest album pales in comparison.

    -I saw Iron Maiden live at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn on Friday night. If I had to name my favorite band of all time, I’d probably have to go with Iron Maiden. The first metal album I ever bought was Somewhere In Time. I attribute Seventh Son of a Seventh Son as being instrumental to my “metal renaissance” about 10 years ago (a story for another time). Iron Maiden’s songs are in my soul. They are a part of the very fabric of my being. Hearing those songs blasted at top volume at me and 15,000 other people is a transformative experience. It forced the music to take over my body for which I became an observer who had little control. There were literally times when I could not stop headbanging. It’s not a stretch to say that I’ve never headbanged so much in my life as I did on Friday night.

    1. I’m bummed I am missing Iron Maiden this time around! I went to see them about a decade or so ago. I don’t have that same history with them that you do, but that live show is one fo the ages for sure! The skill, energy, enthusiasm, and overall production that they put in every night is a master class that all other bands could learn a bit from. I have never heard anybody mention seeing Maiden on an “off night.”

      It was actually seeing them live that turned me into a bigger fan. Being the young whippersnapper that I am, I missed their heyday and was only tangentially aware of who they were, what their legacy was, and (maybe) a couple songs they wrote. Thankfully, I was playing in a band with a dude 12 years my senior at the time and he gave me an education in all things Iron Maiden – burned me CDs back when that was thing, lent me some live DVD’s, etc. I still remember driving to a gig out near Boston and experiencing the “Seventh Son” album for the first time. That was over half my life ago, and the memory is still just as crisp!

      Next time they come through, I will need to try to go!


      1. Good point about Maiden never having an off night. I attribute much of that to Bruce Dickinson. it’s one thing to be able to play guitar at age 60, but to sing like that and be a true “frontman” in every sense of the word is a consummate skill that Bruce Dickinson seems to put on display every single show.

      2. Brian here. I was at the Maiden show on Friday! I went with my brother, we were in section 214. It was an incredible show that I’ll be talking about more on the next episode (we had to record this one before it).

      3. Ha ha ha. Crazy right? A buddy from college was also there, and so was Trever from The Black Dahlia Murder. Not sure how we didn’t all run into each other. Ha ha ha!

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