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  1. I can agree with everything you said about Blood Year by Russian Circles. I’ll add to it that their previous album, Guidance, is my favorite album from them. So listening to Blood Year is a slight disappointment in that it isn’t as varied as I want it to be. Having said that, Blood Year is still an enjoyable album that may find its way into a year end list for me depending on how deep I end up making a list. I could easily see Blood Year being in the high-teens or around number 20.

    One other note related to Russian Circles is that their type of music is exactly where my head has been for the past couple of months. I’ve been listening to a lot of instrumental post-rock/metal. I mentioned that I am enjoying the Pelican album from earlier this year. I only recently discovered this band called Covet that Heavy Blog reviewed their album last year. I’m listening to Earth for the first time ever. And Cloudkicker just released a new album. I’m listening to other stuff as well, but this post-rock-ish instrumental stuff just seems to be on my radar right now.

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