Episode 411: Tombs, Xenobiotic, Beneath the Massacre, Svengahli, Hot Graves 2020 Album Reviews + Holy Roar Records Showcase

Sick Music for (Hopefully Not) Sick People

I usually put something funny here, but this time i am going to reiterate something from the top of the episode – A lot of industries are getting hit hard, and it will only get worse before it gets better.  Small/indie bands – particularly Metal bands – are going to have it bad.  A lot of bands we follow make their living on the road, pushing their albums, selling merch, and now have their tours are canceled or postponed. I am sure you have seen many write how financially devastating this is.

S0, if you have been putting off buying a shirt, vinyl, digital download, whatever, NOW is the time to buy (if you are able). Even constantly streaming your favorite bands will help.  It’s going to take the whole community keep these bands afloat.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.  Stay Metal.  Help each other.


Tombs – Monarchy of Shadows (Season of Mist)
Xenobiotic – Mordrake (Unique Leader)
Beneath The Massacre Fearmonger (Century Media)
SvegahliNightmares of Our Own Design
Hot Graves – Haunted Graves (Redefining Darkness)


  1. While it’s true that I haven’t heard any official word from the band or the venue, Metal Injection does have the Killswitch show as being on its cancellation list.

    Xenobiotic is one that I checked out and enjoyed well enough, but I feel like the only way that it is talked about as an album of the year candidate is because 2020 has been lackluster so far. Because of that, I’ve been going back and listening to various things from past years. The best band of which you even briefly mentioned on this week’s episode: Wilderun. I had bought their 2015 album Sleep at the Edge of the Earth when it came out and never gave it a proper chance. So since I’d bought it already, I recently gave it a full chance. It is totally my jam. It’s like Opeth meets Amorphis. And those are two of my favorite bands.

    Another album I bought years ago that never really gave a chance to was In Contact by Caligula’s Horse. It’s not bad, but no where as good as Wilderun.

    Two other new (to me) bands that I discovered recently are Sisare and Vintersea. I purchased Sisare’s 2018 album Leaving the Land after googling similar albums to Opeth’s Damnation and Sisare fits that bill perfectly. And Vintersea came across my radar from a YouTube suggestion, as YouTube thought I would like this band’s videos and apparently YouTube knows me too well.

    1. Brian: Later int he day after we recorded, i did see the official announcement from KSE that the tour is postponed. They said to hold onto the tickets because thy are going actually rescheduled the tour. Hopefully, it will be the same lineup (I had one rescheduling in the past where that wasn’t the case).

      I can see what you are saying about Xenobiotic, but it also did hit many sweet spots for me. Is it AOTY? Probably not gonna be the top spot, but i can see it on my list. I do need to revisit it, but Wilderun was a little much for me when we checked it out.

      I am not familiar with Sisare, but I do have Vintersea on my computer. I say that because I apparently have never listened to it. Guess I can have that to a future playlist while I am working from home.

      1. Even though you already have Vintersea on your computer, I’d definitely recommend checking out their videos on YouTube.

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