Episode 412: Code Orange, Earth Rot, Neck of the Woods, Zan 2020 Album Reviews + 20 Buck Spin Showcase

We’re Now “The InSideshow Podcast”

Since we’re all essentially quarantined, we thought we’d unofficially name the show for the foreseeable future.  Aren’t we hilarious? Anyway, when you are done listening to us, go stream and/or buy these albums and help keep the scene afloat in these crazy times.

Stay inside. Stay healthy.  Stay Metal.


Code Orange – Underneath (Roadrunner)
Earth Rot – Black Tides of Obscurity (Season of Mist)
Neck of the Woods The Annex of Ire (Pelagic)
ZanBehold the Key (Blackhouse)









Code Orange – Underneath

Earth Rot – Black Tides Of Obscurity

Neck of the Woods – The Annex of Ire

Zan – Behold the Key


  1. 20 Buck Spin is certainly a good label. Khemmis has become one of my favorite newer-ish bands, and I’ve had my eye on checking out the band Obsequiae that is on that label. I wasn’t sure if 20 Buck Spin would be too “big” for your Black Label segment, as many of their bands are pretty well known and respected in the metal community. But since 20 Buck Spin falls into your category for your Black Label, then along those lines, Artisan Era would be a good one to feature.

    1. Brian: We debated whether or not they were too big or known, but we realized when didn’t recognize most of the bands, it made sense to do a deep dive into them. Artisan Era is good suggestion! I know we’ve covered some of their bands but I never looked at their whole roster.

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