Episode 424: Exist, Necrot, Jesus Wept 2020 Album Reviews + Crew Nation Donor Pick

Creamy Center

Death appears to be the name of the game this episode.  We have it in a few forms, namely Progressive, Old School, and N’ Roll.  Hopefully at least one of these appeal to you!

You may also notice a review that seems out of place.  Why did we do it? Go to THIS PAGE to find out how you can help this podcast contribute to Crew Nation and make us review whatever you want.

And remember – Be safe. Stay healthy. Stay Metal.


Exist – Egoiista (Prosthetic)
Necrot – Mortal (Tankcrimes)
Jesus Wept – Apartheid Redux (Redefining Darkness)

Crew Nation Donation Feature:
Cream – Disraeli Gears

Exist – Egoiista

Necrot – Mortal

Jesus Wept – Apartheid Redux


  1. Listening to Corey talk about Disraeli Gears by Cream and hearing others discuss their Crew Nation picks, it reminds me of the aphorism that “you always go back to the music that you were listening to when you cracked open your first beer”. Which to put another way means that our musical tastes are set in our late teenage years and we will enjoy that music for the rest of our lives. What was I listening to when I cracked open my first beer? Metallica and Pink Floyd. What do I listen to the most these days? Progressive metal, which combines the elements of both Metallica and Pink Floyd, as done by bands such as Opeth, Haken, and Oceans of Slumber (all of which I’ve been listening to recently). And I still go back to Metallica and Pink Floyd regularly.

    As for Disraeli Gears specifically, that is a great pick and an album that I’m only familiar with the “hits”. Eric Clapton is one of those artists that I have tremendous respect for but I am only familiar with his greatest hits, or another way to put it is that I am only familiar with those songs of his that are the “cream” of the crop.

    1. Very interesting point about music you start with. While I started listening to some grunge before I was really a teenager, it was Korn that was the game changer; I wasn’t drinking a beer but it launched me into nu-metal. So, it stands to reason that is why I still tend to love metal ore (well, the OG Style metalcore) and gravitate toward down-tuned music with breakdowns. Sure I have expanded into plenty of other things, but that is still a sweet spot for me.

      Also, I think Metallica would have be alongside that Korn discovery too, particularly Master of Puppets. It wasn’t my first exposure to the band, but the one that hit me hardest (and remains an all time favorite). I remember frequently including Battery on mix CDs and friend asking why I keep going to that song because there so many better ones. While that friend wasn’t wrong, I loved the speed and aggression of  Battery. So what is something you get when you mix heavy tuning, grooves, speed and aggression? Deathgrind. One of my fave “extreme” bands? Misery Index.

      I also distinctly remember the first time I heard Fear Factory as that was an instant “what is this?! I need it!”

      This is a fun psychology exercise. Lol

      1. Right, good points. We all have diverse musical tastes that are not confined to what we were listening to when we were 18 years old, but it generally seems to be the case that our favorite music seems to be set at about that time in our lives. And the music we continue to go back and listen to in adulthood is that which we listened to in those teenage years. Certainly Cream and Phish and Ben Folds are all excellent musicians with good songs, but they are made all the better by having made an emotional connection with us at a time in our lives when we were forming our identities as adults, and the music we were listening to at that time helped shape that identity. Metallica and Pink Floyd don’t just make sound waves that float around in the air, they have become part of my identity.

      2. 100% Agree. As much as I go back to some newer stuff, I definitely find myself quite frequently listening to the albums and artists that I made those connections with, whether metal or not.

  2. I don’t think this uploaded to Overcast player though it usually does!

    On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 9:05 PM The Sideshow Podcast wrote:

    > > > > > > > The SIDESHOW Podcast posted: “Creamy Center > > > > > > Death appear to be the name of the game this week. We have it in a few > forms, namely Progressive, Old School, and N’ Roll. Hopefully at least one > of these appeal to you! > > > > You may also notice a review that seems out of place. Why di” > > > >

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