1. Busy week, as I’ve been listening to both Ohms by Deftones and this new Ocean album whose name is too long and too archaic. My feelings about Ohms are exactly the same as Brian’s: Ohms is better than Gore but I’m not sure if it is better than Koi No Yokan but it is not as good as Diamond Eyes. I’m certainly enjoying Ohms but I don’t anticipate it will be popping up in the top 10 of my year end list, though it could possibly fall right outside the top 10.

    As for The Ocean, I think my problem with them is expectations. Their 2013 album, Pelagial, was my album of the decade. I’ve realized that nothing they do can possibly be as good as Pelagial, so I’m disappointed by any of their other albums. And this new release from them falls into that problem for me. It’s not a bad album by any means, but it’s just not something that I find really making an impact on me.

    Hearing the discussion of the Brian Setzer Orchestra leads me to have too many thoughts about music and nostalgia to write about here. So I’ll leave it with the revelation that some of my earliest memories of MTV are watching videos of Brian Setzer’s first band, the Stray Cats. Oh, and I love Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt. I wasn’t exactly listening to underground metal in 1996, though I do recall that I was listening to Aenima by Tool about the same time as No Doubt.

  2. I’ve only listened to 2 minutes of the podcast so far but I already feel the need to comment about my image of Kyle as Jack Black teaching kids in the movie School of Rock.

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