Episode 430: 2020 Year End Lists – Part 1

Beginning the End of this Clusterf#%k of a Year

We’re almost there, folks!  We know the world is not going to magically change come January 1st, but it will still be nice to have this dumpster fire behind us. So to start the festivities, as usual, we have our auxiliary lists like Best Artwork, Most Improved, Worst Albums, and more.  Feel free to share your picks in the comments!

Happy Holidays everybody!  And remember – Be responsible. Stay healthy. Stay Metal.



  1. Brian, you mentioned that you think you only listened to 1 or 2 of the albums in my list of top albums of 2020, but your memory might be failing you, as I count 5 albums in my list that you have listened to: Unleash the Archers, Alestorm, Spirit Adrift, Black Crown Initiate, and Wilderun (though you listened to that one in 2019, but I still count it because you did listen to it).

    The album in my top 10 list that you didn’t listen to that you might possibly like the most would be Haken. I realize that Haken’s style of progressive music isn’t your wheelhouse, but I seem to recall that you guys enjoyed their 2018 album, Vector. Their 2020 album, Virus, is even better.

    As for my ancillary lists, the only one I feel the need to mention is Most Disappointing. That would go to Cytotoxin with Nuklearth. I loved their previous two albums, but Nuklearth is not doing it for me. It’s missing any hooks or groove, and (I know you’ll disagree) but it suffers from a lack of pig squeals.

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