1. I’m currently falling down a Black Metal rabbit hole. Every year when the heart of winter strikes, I find myself drawn more and more to the bleak sounds of Black Metal, after years (and years) of avoiding the genre for numerous reasons. But now that the barrier to entry has been breached, I am continually amazed at the depth, variety, and quantity of Black Metal. So far this year I’ve listened to albums from Immortal, Dark Throne, Drudkh, and MGLA. But my biggest find and the thing that has really stood out to me the most is the band called None. I’ve been listening non-stop to their last two albums, “Damp Chill of Life” and “Life Has Gone On Long Enough”. What I’m amazed at is how immediate None’s music makes an impact on me. After one listen to “Damp Chill” I knew I had to buy the album. Then after a few listens of that album I had to get their prior album. Their brand of mostly instrumental atmospheric black metal has really struck a chord with me.

    1. Black Metal is a rabbit hole i rarely go down, but really should make a point of doing. I have quite a bit from classic albums to newer releases we’ve positively reviewed. However, I rarely go back to any of it. Part of it is that BM is still never my preferred style of music, but I don’t know what else is stopping me. I guess I should make a playlist to visit outside of my review homework.

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