Episode 436: Architects, Wolf King, Ominous Ruin 2021 Album Reviews

Rip Off, Rage, and Ruin

I’m drawing a blank on some clever copy to put here.  So, just start listening to the show and we can catch up in the comments.

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And remember – Be responsible. Stay healthy. Stay Metal.


Architects – For Those that Wish to Exist (Epitaph)
Wolf King- The Path of Wrath (Prosthetic)
Ominous Ruin – Amidst Voices that Echo in Stone (Willowtip)

Architects – For Those That Wish To Exist

Wolf King – The Path Of Wrath

Ominous Ruin – Amidst Voices That Echo In Stone

One comment

  1. Good pick on Ominous Ruin. It hits on a lot of the best aspects of technical death metal without much negative about it.

    So I guess you guys are giving up on Epica? I suppose they never were Nick’s cup of tea, so I’ll just say that their latest release entitled “Omega” is pretty good but it won’t win you over if you aren’t already an Epica fan. It’s big and bloated (in a good way), with lots of choirs and symphonics: everything you’d want from Epica.

    The other recent release I’ve been enjoying lately is Imperial by Soen. Soen leans more towards hard rock than metal these days (they don’t have an entry in the Metal Archives), and their classification as progressive rock isn’t even that apt to me, as their songs aren’t really all that progressive. But there isn’t a better genre tag for them, as they do sound somewhat in the realm of the Australian prog bands such as Caligula’s Horse or Karnivool (though Soen are from Sweden).

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