Crew Nation Donation

As we mentioned on the Podcast (originally Ep. 419), for the foreseeable future, we will be donating all our proceeds to the Crew Nation fund used to help touring and venue crew members, both front of house and backstage staff, around the country.

We encourage you to donate to any cause you see fit during these times if you have the means, but we wanted to give you a little extra incentive to help us out. For the next few months we’ll be leaving this page active and linked to the KoFi account below. Any and all donations will be 100% passed along to Crew Nation, but we can offer some perks for letting us be your middle man.

Donation Levels


Any donation at all will net you our undying love, but more importantly, our suffering. Any contributor will receive an .MP3 download of the much sought after review of Tool’s ‘Fear Inoculum.’


We realize there are WAY more albums to review than we get to in a calendar year. At this level, we’re letting you select any metal album from 2020 that we didn’t get around to and we’ll review it.


Listen, we’ve covered a lot of ground in the past (almost) decade, but maybe we skipped your favorite album. Select any metal album, from any time period, for us to review. If you want to join us for the segment, we’ll set up a time to Skype.


Sometimes we’re a bit unfair to albums in the limited time we get to spend with them. For that reasons we started the “Let Me Try That One Again” segment. At $20, you get to pick an album that we didn’t give a fair shake and have us revisit it, with you, so you can tell us how wrong we are.


Like the $20 level, we’re letting you take the reins. The catch this time is that you can pick ANY album of ANY genre and dig into it with us. Teach us about something new and different! Or make us suffer with something you know we will hate…just be prepared to see our faces while we complain about your terrible music taste!


To let us know your album choice (and if applicable set up time to record with us), leave a note with your donation or hit us up at and include “Crew Nation” in the subject.

Together we can bring the noise!