It’s nothing new that Valentine’s Day has got to be the least “metal” holiday (though, I guess Arbor Day isn’t much better).  But some of us head-bangers and moshers have managed to find somebody to love without paying by the hour or doing anything illegal (this includes your three hosts).  And for those lucky lovers, finding the right music to act as a soundtrack to this day of romance can be difficult when your iTunes is filled to the brim with music that is mostly about death, destruction and chaos.  That is where we come in. Read Full Article

This time around, Brian relieves Kyle of his “hosting” duties and gets down to business.  With SIX new albums to review, there wasn’t any time for his ridiculous shenanigans.  However, that is not to say we didn’t have any fun doing this episode.

Aaaand we also have something VERY special to share…The SideShow Podcast’s very first giveaway contest!  We have a pretty awesome prize for the lucky winner.  This is isn’t some random old CD Brian dug out of his basement, oh no. This is a nice collector’s piece.  Listen to the episode for details on how to enter!

Album reviews:  Abigail WilliamsBecoming; AbortedGlobal Flatline; Blessed By A Broken Heart – Feel The Power; Desecravity – Implicit Obedience; Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline; Lamb of God – Resolution