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We have starkly diverse line-up of reviews this episode. I mean, we usually have a mix of styles, but there were some sharp transitions when we were listening this week.  We also start our next Black Label feature, and talk about quarantine life.

Feel free to discuss anything and everything with us in our comments section or on social media!

And remember – Be safe. Stay inside. Stay Metal.


Paradise Lost – Obsidian (Nuclear Blast)
Antichrist Demoncore (ACxDC) – Satan is King (Prosthetic)
Aether Realm Redneck Vikings from Hell (Napalm)








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Haeppy Faens at Laest

It’s been a few weeks since we have had an episode where neither host gave a rating below 3.  Well, good news freaks!  We are breaking that streak with week with only average ratings and above.  Are you as pleased with these albums as we are?  Use that comment section to share!


The Lurking Fear – Out of the Voiceless Grave (Nuclear Blast)
Aetheric Serpents Beneath the Shrine
Aether Realm Tarot

First Impression:
Exhumed – “Defenders of the Grave” from Death Revenge out October 13, 2017 through Relapse Records (link also discusses the album concept)

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Just so you guys didn’t get too used to having all three hosts around, Kyle decided to the flu this week, the first show where we review new albums for 2013.  Good timing, right? (Just playing…we hope he is better soon.) So, Nick and Brian forged ahead, covering some Melodic Death, some Blackened Doom Sludge (or something like that) and some really depressing Rock.  Breaking up the show, the perfect-attendance-hosts run down some up coming tours and festivals, and get into a discussion about how music should be released.


Reviews: Æther Realm* – One Chosen by the Gods; Antimatter – Fear of a Unique IdentityMors Principium Est – …and Death Said LiveZatokrev – The Bat, the Wheel and a Long Road to Nowhere

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