Metal can come from anywhere.  Most head-bangers know this already. America has got some good stuff, but Europe might have even more…and that’s not to mention Australia, Japan, etc.  And while this week two of our three album reviews are from bands based in the USofA, the third comes from the unlikely locale of The Maldives.  We also got some singles for you, coming from England, the US (again), and band “based in Seattle, but with members “spread out across both the United States and two continents.””  It’s like traveling without having to get off your couch!  You’re welcome, world.

Album reviews: Bleeding ThroughThe Great Fire; LiberteerBetter To Die on Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees; NothnegalDecadence

Single reviews: The Safety Fire – “Huge Hammers”; The Devastated – “Devil’s Messenger”; Narrows – “Under the Guillotine”

REMINDER: There is still time left you to try to win a SIGNED copy of Lamb of God’s newest album Resolution!  You have to enter by 5PM EST on February 16th, so get your ass over there before it’s too late!

This time around, Brian relieves Kyle of his “hosting” duties and gets down to business.  With SIX new albums to review, there wasn’t any time for his ridiculous shenanigans.  However, that is not to say we didn’t have any fun doing this episode.

Aaaand we also have something VERY special to share…The SideShow Podcast’s very first giveaway contest!  We have a pretty awesome prize for the lucky winner.  This is isn’t some random old CD Brian dug out of his basement, oh no. This is a nice collector’s piece.  Listen to the episode for details on how to enter!

Album reviews:  Abigail WilliamsBecoming; AbortedGlobal Flatline; Blessed By A Broken Heart – Feel The Power; Desecravity – Implicit Obedience; Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline; Lamb of God – Resolution


Finally!  Some music to review!  While there is not a whole lot of releases starting off the year, we do finally have a few albums, and some new singles to fill in the gaps.  Also, in this episode, Nick does an impression of a boy trying to sing high notes while going through puberty, and we discover Kyle has a new-found fascination for loincloths.  Fun times all around!

Album reviews: NightwishImaginaerum; Enter ShikariA Flash Flood of Colour; LoinclothIron Balls of Steel

Single reviews: Caliban – “Dein R3Ich”; Still Remains – “Reading Lips”; Veil of Maya – “Vicious Circles”