All Hell

We Don’t Care

The title here is slightly hyperbolic, but not by much.  This week’s review choices struggled a bit to keep our attention.  Some were better than others, and we certainly had bunch to talk about, so I guess it was all fine in the end.


Abbath Outstrider (Season of Mist)
Wait We Are In Transit (The Artisan Era)
All HellThe Witch’s Grail (Prosthetic)

N is for




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A Lesson in SEO

Let’s face it, the bands in this week’s episode aren’t the first ones to have common words as names. One would think that bands would wants more unique names nowadays since they are frequently sought out on the internet. Sure, the world could just be running out of names, but names like Soilwork, Abominable Putritidy, and even Torche are easier to find on the first search than, say, this week’s bands, Origin, or Trails.


Castle Welcome to the Graveyard (Ván)
Vanna All Hell (Pure Noise)
Family Future History (Prosthetic)

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