Well, This Is A First

There’s nothing particularly special about this episode aside from it being the last regular episode for this shitty year…and a couple of mini-reviews from Brian.  It does, however, mark the first time in over nine years we had to skip a scheduled recording.  Still a damn impressive run, if we do say so ourselves.

You may also notice a review that seems out of place.  Why did we do it? Go to THIS PAGE to find out how you can help this podcast contribute to Crew Nation and make us review whatever you want.

And remember – Be responsible. Stay healthy. Stay Metal.


Dark Tranquillity – Moment (Century Media)
Killer Be Killed – Reluctant Hero (Nuclear Blast)
Within the Ruins – Black Heart (eOne)

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Butch Walker – Letters

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Sh!t We Missed: Part 1

Happy New Year freaks! As with years past, we are starting this one off with some 2015 releases we didn’t get to because, well, in this case, we didn’t know they existed.  Unlike years past, however, we didn’t choose these albums by combing through other outlets’ year end lists.  Where did we get them?  Listen and find out!


Earthside A Dream in Static
Gods of Eden From the End of Heaven
Alustrium A Tunnel to Eden

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