As the end of the year approaches and the number of new releases starts to dwindle, we decided to go back through 2012 and pick some releases we didn’t know of, overlooked, or otherwise neglected.  Some were brought to our attention by end of the year lists from blogs and magazines while others are ones Brian had on his own Shit He Missed list.  So, Nick and Brian discuss five of these goodies (and one new release) this week, and next we will have a few more before we give you our own end of the year honors.

If there are any releases we didn’t get to this year you think we should hear or would like us to review, let us know in the comments!


Reviews: ArkaikMetamorphignition; Arsis – Lepers CaressBloodshot DawnBloodshot Dawn; Enabler – All Hail The VoidEngel – Blood of Saints; Incantation – Vanquish in Vengeance

Note from Brian: I continuously refer to Engel’s previous album as “Therondy” which isn’t even a word.  The album’s name is Threnody

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