Doing one of the things we do best – or, at the least, pretty consistently – we have another diverse show for you. Jumping from detoxed Metalcore to Folky Melodic Death to Black Metal strangeness to Death-y Grindcore, we have perfect formula for the ADD diagnosed listeners who can’t…SQUIRREL.  We also may have another first in this episode during one of our reviews.  Curious which?  Well, there is an easy way to find out…


Reviews: Columns –Please Explode (Relapse); Eluveitie Origins (Nuclear Blast); Nachtmystium – The World We Left Behind (Century Media); Wovenwar Wovenwar (Metal Blade)

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We are kicking The Sideshow Podcast’s second year off right with a jam packed episode featuring a brand new intro and outro, courtesy of By Night, four new album reviews, two live reviews, and an interview with Skeletonwitch bassist Eric Linger! We are also debuting our new rating system, which switches from our old By/Try/Skip to a more versatile 1-5 rating.

There are some other new things on the site too, which you may have already noticed.  First off, we will now provide you with a list of releases for each month.  It may not include everything but we promise that Brian puts together a pretty extensive rundown.  We also debut our new merch store! We have some great tee shirts, hoodies and girlie shirts for sale, as well as a sweet coffee mug.  I mean, can you think of a better way to start your day?  Ok…don’t answer that.  Anyway, we have some other fun things permanently planted in the menus like our drinking game and our rules for proper concert etiquette.  So, take the time to look around and soak it all in.  If there is anything else you guys and girls want to see on our site (or in our store, or on the show), just let us know, and we will see what we can do!


Reviews: As I Lay DyingAwakenedRevocation – Teratogenesis; Monuments  Gnosis; This Or The Apocalypse – Dead Years

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With only a few major releases to cover this week, it it being the middle(ish) of the year, we decided to tease our end-of-the-year list extravaganza with a look at what we have as early contenders.  Our personal lists vary quite a bit, and for some (like Brian) there are going to be many releases that need to be weeded through before the lists are made.  However, I think we all agreed that The Devastated put out the worst album of the year so far…and God help us if something worse comes out.  Anyway…to top off this week’s show, we also take a little look into the future, previewing some songs off of some forthcoming albums.


Reviews: Nile – At the Gates of Sethu Periphery – Periphery II

Singles: As I Lay Dying – Cauterize”; Katatonia – “Dead Letters”; Testament – “True American Hate”

You can’t touch this episode!  We have the Podcast’s first interview, an exclusive with John Cobbett of HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE.  We also review a few new releases, and discuss the art (?) of remixes.

REVIEWS: Whitechapel – Recorrupted (EP); As I Lay Dying – Decas