For those of you who have been listening to this show for a long time (THANKS!), you may recall in earlier episodes, Kyle and Brian would all-out verbal brawls over reviews of albums when they had striking differences in opinion.  While you may have noticed that those fights have not happened for some time (you’re welcome), the opening review of this episode demonstrates one of the more more constructive ways those differing opinions can be used to create an interesting review (similar in fashion to the Killswitch review, some episodes back). That’s not to say jabs aren’t made through the rest of the episode, but things are certainly better than they were.

Also this week, we have a (Side)Showcase, which we haven’t done since the episode with the aforementioned Killswitch review.  There’s also some more fun ball-busting, metal reviewing, and pop culture references Nick will not give Kyle the satisfaction of having.  And we promise this show is shorter than last week’s!


Reviews: ASG – Blood Drive (Relapse); Dark Tranquillity  Construct (Century Media); The Resistance – Scars (earMusic); TesseracT  Altered States (Century Media)

(Side)Showcase: Oblivious Signal

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