May ended with a pretty slow release week, so we decide to do an entire episode of Sh!t We Missed!  And while all three of your fearless leaders picked the albums to review, Mr. R.Jock was not able to join us this week, leaving Brian and Nick hold the line.  Kyle’s absence also leads to a much calmer show because he was not there to start fights.  It was pretty nice actually…maybe we won’t bring him back…… Oh, yeah, so anyway…also included in this episode is the sorely missed Freak of the Week segment, which we used to fill in the some of the gore and violence usually included via Death Metal albums (of which there are none this week).


Reviews: Atoma – SkylightThe Burial – Lights and Perfections; Ever Forthright – Ever ForthrightParadise Lost – Tragic IdolUnsane – Wreck