Sick Music for (Hopefully Not) Sick People

I usually put something funny here, but this time i am going to reiterate something from the top of the episode – A lot of industries are getting hit hard, and it will only get worse before it gets better.  Small/indie bands – particularly Metal bands – are going to have it bad.  A lot of bands we follow make their living on the road, pushing their albums, selling merch, and now have their tours are canceled or postponed. I am sure you have seen many write how financially devastating this is.

S0, if you have been putting off buying a shirt, vinyl, digital download, whatever, NOW is the time to buy (if you are able). Even constantly streaming your favorite bands will help.  It’s going to take the whole community keep these bands afloat.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.  Stay Metal.  Help each other.


Tombs – Monarchy of Shadows (Season of Mist)
Xenobiotic – Mordrake (Unique Leader)
Beneath The Massacre Fearmonger (Century Media)
SvegahliNightmares of Our Own Design
Hot Graves – Haunted Graves (Redefining Darkness)

This week we make up for the lack of reviews in Episode 20 by sharing our thoughts on four albums and some “music” that makes you consider one of those ridiculous “would you rather…?” conundrums.  Really! You kinda end up in a position like, “would listen to this or use  broken beer bottles instead of toilet paper for the next week?”  Anyway, we also throw you our two cents on the recently announced Orion Music + More festival…and you may be surprised where we end up with that.

Album Reviews: Beneath the Massacre – IncongrousCaliban I Am Nemesis; The DevastatedDevil’s MessengerGoatwhore – Blood for the MasterOrange Goblin – A Eulogy for the Damned