The Coyote Caught Up

Based on our own assumptions that have just about no basis whatsoever, it appears that when a bigger label signs a small, up-and-coming act, another existing act has to sellout so they can make that money back for the smaller band.  Yeah, I know that is (probably) complete BS, but it is one way to justify our lead review this week.  But stick around for the other reviews (and music) because it definitely gets better from there.


Trivium Silence in the Snow (Roadrunner)
Wild Throne Harvest of Darkness (Roadrunner)
Black Breath Slaves Beyond Death (Southern Lord)
The Arcane Order Cult of None (Massacre)

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As anybody who has listened to this show a few times knows, I HATE doing these damn lists.    You and I both know the main reason is because I am extremely indecisive.  However, I also detest them because no matter how long I make the list (Kyle gets angry when I do more than 10) I still feel like I am slighting albums that don’t deserve it.   Then out of the albums I do pick, I have to split hairs over which ones I like more than others only to come up with a list I am not even sure I 100% agree with!  In the end, I have to get something together and just say, “Screw it.  It’s close enough.”

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Continuing in our efforts to keep things fresh, we let Nick take the reigns this week.  In his hosting debut, he takes us through our usual new reviews as well as another installment of Sh!t We Missed.

With that, you have now heard all three hosts lead the shows.  So tell us…who is your favorite?

Reviews: By Night – Sympathy for TomorrowThe Safety Fire – Grind The Ocean; Upon A Burning Body – Red. White. Green.

Sh!t We Missed: Black Breath – Sentenced to LifeMencea  – PyrophoricWretched – Son of Perdition