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New Music Starts Early This Year

As we mentioned last week, we actually have some new 2018 music to check out!  I know, right? Who would thought we’d be able to start so early? It’s a pretty strong start, if we do say so ourselves.  Continuing Bands Across America, we hit the Dirty Jerz – Brian’s home state!


Bloodshot Dawn Reanimation (Hostile Media)
Audrey Horne Blackout (Napalm)
Bleeding Gods Dodekathlon (Nuclear Blast)

BandsAcross America
New Jersey: Framework

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This is it, freaks!  Our Top 20 Albums of 2014!  We all know lists are super subjective and semi-bullshit, but they at least make for good conversation/argument and give you some idea of albums that should be worth your time.  Also, we are review show…we kinda have to do it.

This time, though, we went strictly with our guts.  We each did one draft of our lists before combining them to the final one. No nitpicking and arguing “objectivity” with ourselves.  No giving a shit if placing X higher than Y was trve or kvlt.  What you see is an honest reaction to going over all  200+ albums we reviewed and picking what we liked best.  Obviously our individual lists were longer – and surprisingly diverse considering how many times Nick and I give things the same ratings – but we are both quite pleased with the final rundown.  Maybe we’ll share those personal lists later, but for now, get listening then leave us comments telling us how wrong we are so we can tell you you’re probably right, but argue anyway.


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Coming off last week’s high, we continue covering the release from the end of October.  Hell, I think we are going to be mixing some of those in for the next two weeks. Don’t quote me on that, though. Anyway, while – spoiler alerts – we don’t have the same perfect game, it’s certainly a solid win.  So, I hope you haven’t spent all of your disposable income just yet – you’re going to need some.


Abysmal Dawn Obsolescence (Relapse)
Bloodshot Dawn – Demons (independent)
Dawnbringer Night of the Hammer (Profound Lore)
Devin Townsend Z2 (InsideOut/Century Media)

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As the end of the year approaches and the number of new releases starts to dwindle, we decided to go back through 2012 and pick some releases we didn’t know of, overlooked, or otherwise neglected.  Some were brought to our attention by end of the year lists from blogs and magazines while others are ones Brian had on his own Shit He Missed list.  So, Nick and Brian discuss five of these goodies (and one new release) this week, and next we will have a few more before we give you our own end of the year honors.

If there are any releases we didn’t get to this year you think we should hear or would like us to review, let us know in the comments!


Reviews: ArkaikMetamorphignition; Arsis – Lepers CaressBloodshot DawnBloodshot Dawn; Enabler – All Hail The VoidEngel – Blood of Saints; Incantation – Vanquish in Vengeance

Note from Brian: I continuously refer to Engel’s previous album as “Therondy” which isn’t even a word.  The album’s name is Threnody

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