bury tomorrow

We have been telling you about all these new songs we should be doing First Impressions of for weeks, but we had been otherwise preoccupied with, well, life to get to them.  So, this week we finally get our shit together and cover some!  Turns out there were enough new songs since the last show to do six this segment. Well, there were more but we only get to six of them because of the four albums we review this week.  However we do get to play half of those First Impressions for you as well as something from each album we review, so that should keep you freaks busy for a while.


Reviews: Bury Tomorrow Runes (Nuclear Blast); Enabler – La Fin Absolue Du Monde (The Compound/Creator Destructor); Sabaton – Heroes (Nuclear Blast); Trap Them – Blissfucker (Prosthetic)

First Impressions:
Septicflesh – “Prototype” from Titan out June 28 thru Prosthetic
Origin – “All Things Dead” from Omnipresent out July 8 thru Nuclear Blast
Threat Signal – “Nostalgia” pre-production demo from forthcoming album
Goatwhore – “FBS” from Constricting Rage of the Merciless out July 8 thru Metal Blade
Fallujah – “Sapphire” from The Flesh Prevails out July 22 thru Unique Leader
Entombed A.D. – “Bedlam Attack” from Back to the Front out August 5 thru Century Media

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As you will probably notice listening to this week’s show, Kyle seems to think he has broken the space/time continuum, putting us a week ahead at episode 43.  But, alas, he does not have some special super power, and we are back at…well, currently at…42.   And, in this week’s episode, we managed to scrape up four brand new album reviews, hitting a few different metal stylings, including one we aren’t entirely sure we can still count as metal…not in a bad way though.   We also hit the G+ Spot and tell you about the future plans for the actual Episode 43, which will be all about the albums you asked us to check out. (Feel free to keep giving us more suggestions! We’ll keep going back to them for future episodes.)


Reviews: Baroness – Yellow & Green ; Bury TomorrowThe Union of Crowns The Contortionist – Intrinsic; A Hero A Fake – The Future Again

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